Green Artists

Explore our amazing green artists for The Whisper Garden below and discover various installations, projects and more. Do not forget to follow the artists.

Street Art Exposition

from Roy Schreuder and NHL Stenden Students

During the Whisper Garden, five students will work together with mural artist Roy Schreuder, in order to produce 3 large scale installation pieces. 

Inspired by a series of workshops the students each created their own concept for the Whisper Garden. These concepts were used to create designs for the large installations. The students are involved in every step of the creative process from concepting and designing until painting and installing the work. During the 100 days of the Whisper Garden the artwork will slowly evolve.

Participation Tree

from Teodora Roka and Depy Antoniou

During the 100 days the artists Depy Antoniou and Teodora Roka are creating an installation the “Participation Tree”, which is a site-specific installation in the Potmarge Leeuwarden, building on the natural characteristics of the strong wind. The materials used are wood and metal leaves. The participatory element of the social sculpture is given by the interaction of the people from Potmarge. There is interactivity between nature, the residents and the installation itself. This social sound sculpture is activated by itself through natural elements. At the same time, you as a visitor can go inside it, and pull strings, which can create different acoustic experiences.

Inner Voice

from Tristan Visser, David Marcel de Jong and NHL Stenden Students

The “Fluisterroute” will take you through the lovely canals of the Potmarge area, starting at the Blokhuispoort and ending at the Wetsus. During your ride you will see the different hotspots (Green Oasis and Blue Oasis), where you can hop off and on and experience the Whisper Garden activities. While on this journey, you can listen to the creation of INNER VOICE consisting of a mixture of nature and sound art.


We offer a tour guide for free to your GreenJoy experience in the first 30 days of the event, from 16th of May to 17th of June. During the weekdays this guidance can be booked between 15:00h – 18:00h and during the weekends we have two time slots, from 10:00h-12:00h and 14:00h-17.00h. Additionally, we also offer special sunrise (06:00h-07:00h) and sunset (21:00h-22:00h) time slots on three dates; Sunday the 22nd of May, Sunday 3rd of July and Sunday 7th of August. However, if you feel like a canoe or SUP suits you better we also offer the possibility of getting one at the Whisper Garden for free with your personal Tour Guide, however, be aware that a deposit (personal identification card) should be handed over, in return for the canoe or SUP.

Crucial information:

Welcome to INNER VOICE – A sound journey from within the city into nature

Period: 16th of May – 17th of June. The Tour Guide will hand out a headphone for you to enjoy the audio tour.

Are there no headphones left? Take out your phone and please follow the instructions:
– Scan the QR code to start (which can be seen on the signs at the beginning of your journey).
– Make sure your GPS is activated and headphones are connected.
– Follow the route on the map and enjoy the ride! From the INNER VOICE team.

Water Megaphone

from Jolle Roelofs

Water Megaphone is a musical work of art and stands for the connection between people and is a playful invitation to experience it. The work of art is a musical instrument that can be played by passers-by. The passer-by plays the work of art by striking it in various ways. The Water Megaphone starts to vibrate and plays tones, which are accentuated, as water is in the artwork.

Sound Podcast

from NHL Stenden Art & Sound Students

The whisper of the Potmarge is a podcast about the special green area ’the Potmarge’ in the heart of Leeuwarden. The podcast takes you into the past, present and future of the life of a tree. If you look closely at trees, you can discover many things. One of the most important things is that you can tell from trees what season we are in. Each season tells us something about trees…

Links to the Podcast: English Dutch

The Blooming Living Wall

from Edeea Ionascu

I’m ethically free in pursuing my own projects through my own efforts to create manifestations of our humanity and nature throughout my abstract art as well as abstract flower installations. My upcoming project will showcase an artwork that entails a flower installation suspended on a bridge and will represent the first viewing point of the water route.


Green Ambassadors

Jeane Vermaas, Alex van de Beld & Hans Faber

In Collaboration with