Fluistertuin 2022 (afgerond project)

The Whisper of the Potmarge (www.whispergarden.wixsite.com/lwrd/about)

The hidden Sapphire of Leeuwarden

Initiators of the  Whispergarden 

Jeane Vermaas, Hans Faber & Alex van den Belt

The green area „The Potmarge“ is a hidden gem in the middle of the city of Leeuwarden. It cancels out the loudness and stress of the busy city and creates a perfect spot for escapism. A green Oasis that tells the history, the present and the future of those who were there long before us: the trees. This is the reason why “The Whispergarden” was created. A place to seek refuge in a loud and deafening world. It is a safe space with sounds and stories told by the trees in the area and to have a deeper understanding what they feel, hear, see, and experience. “The Whispergarden” is a temporary project, with re-used trees, to bring the people closer to the nature during the 100 days event “BOSK”.

Water Route


To give back to nature, “the Whisper Garden” in collaboration with BOSK would plant 50 new trees in that area. It is important to create a legacy that would remember the stories that the trees are telling for centuries. Therefore, the new trees will tell the stories of today and tomorrow. And hopefully for the rest of time!


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Green Ambassadors

Jeane Vermaas, Alex van de Beld & Hans Faber

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